Nail Care Nightmares Book

Lisa Ann Bowles, Author

Nail Care Nightmares – The Truth Behind the Beauty



A Couple Chapter Previews

CHAPTER 1: Pregnancy and Acrylic Nails

In 1997 I began educating nail technicians and the public regarding chemicals used in the nail care industry. Since then one question I have been asked numerous times is, “I am pregnant; can the chemicals used to make acrylic nails harm my unborn baby?” The operative word being “CAN”, the answer is yes. YES, the chemicals used to create acrylic nails “CAN” harm your unborn baby. Any answer other than “YES THEY CAN” has in my opinion, been given in complete and total dishonesty or out of plain ignorance.

The reason being, according to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Ethyl Methacrylate (EMA) or Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) monomer (acrylic nail liquid) overexposure to these chemicals “CAN” cause Central Nervous System Depression. The routes of entry of EMA and MMA monomer are inhalation, cutaneous absorption, and ingestion (possible if food and drink are nearby)….

CHAPTER 14: Hepatitis C, From A Manicure?

Pretend you were not feeling well or maybe it was simply time for your annual check-up. You go to your appointment, your doctor says things look good but he/she wants to run a few tests just to be sure. A few days later the receptionist at the doctor’s office calls you saying the doctor wants to see you back in their office. Upon meeting with the doctor, you are told you have Hepatitis C. You are shocked because you have no idea how you could have contracted it. You have no tattoos. You are not an IV drug user. You do not have multiple sexual partners, and you have never had a blood transfusion. You are at a loss, wondering how this could possibly have happened to you…


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