Nail Care Nightmares Book

Lisa Ann Bowles, Author

Medical Nail Technician – Medical Pedicure
Part One

Have you heard the terms “Medical Nail Technician” and “Medical Pedicure”?

These two terms are used by many nail technicians throughout the U.S.A.
Did you know, there is no state board of cosmetology/nail technology in the
United States of America that recognizes, authorizes, supports nor allows these
two terms to be used to describe a nail technician nor a service they are licensed,

authorized and allowed to do.

Many of you are now squinting, scowling and shaking your head in disbelief of

what I have just said, the TRUTH is… it’s TRUE.

As you continue to read, you may be asking yourself… if there is no state board
licensed, recognized term such as a “Medical Nail Technician” nor “Medical
Pedicure” (when performed by a nail technician), then WHY are nail technicians

using these terms?

Simply stated… because they want to.

Stay with me here!

Anyone who uses these two terms is giving the very obvious connotation that
they are somehow in the medical field which is in FACT, NOT the case unless they
hold a medical degree of some sort which then would be an entirely different
story, giving them the ability to utilize their licensed and professional title, for
example… a “Foot Care Nurse” is someone who holds a nursing degree in the

medical field… are you tracking with me?

Most nail technicians who use these terms have had some sort of advanced
pedicure training which in fact, DOES give them the ability to recognize potential
issues with the feet and refer to a physician if needed. However, this training is
NOT a licensed training, it is simply a training that receives a certificate of
completion which does NOT give them the authority to perform “Medical
Pedicure” services on the public. This is something only a doctor should be doing.

Advanced pedicure training certainly DOES give the trained nail technician the
authority to call themselves an “Advanced Pedicurist”, “Advanced Pedicure

Specialist” or

something of that nature however, it does NOT give them the authority to call
themselves a “Medical Nail Technician” who does “Medical Pedicures”.

My name is Lisa Ann, I am the author of
Nail Care Nightmares; the TRUTH Behind the Beauty.

In this multiple part blog series, I am going to unpack TRUTHS to help you
thoroughly understand this topic as it currently stands with each state in the

Why am I doing this?

I am doing this because I can CLEARLY see the writing on the wall. More and more
nail technicians throughout the U.S.A are seeing our elders and many others who
have foot related concerns as a “niche” market that will help generate additional

income for their business.

Not only are there “Advanced Trained” nail technicians (pedicurists) using these
two terms, there are nail technicians using these two terms who have had
absolutely NO advanced pedicure training, which places YOU, the consumer at
Great risk of potential injury or worse if you are one with diabetes or any other

health concern.

There are thousands of people who NEED help with their feet, this is very TRUE


the “Advanced Pedicurist” CAN help with much of what is needed but YOU the
consumer MUST KNOW what to look for BEFORE you let anyone touch your feet.
You need to educate and empower yourself because if you do not, YOU are the

one who is at risk of injury.

My sole PURPOSE in writing this blog series is to bring an awareness to the
consumer BEFORE things get too far out of hand and trust me they will if we do

not bring clarity to this topic.

I want to say this… I completely champion those who are gaining “Advanced
Pedicure” training but I can not agree with titles being misleading and misused.

To all of you who have read this blog… Thank You!

YOU are my “WHY”.

I Truly Do Not Want YOU To Be Hurt By Anyone.

With Much LOVE,
Lisa Ann Bowles

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